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Our Story

​In the Spring of 2015 The Ross Ferry Stewardship Society and community members collaborated to create a Farmers' Market. 

Despite the short notice (planning began in April 2015) the Market came together.  The vendors set up their booths in the truck bays of the Ross Ferry Fire Department. The market soon became an integral part of our Summer Sundays.


The aim of the market is twofold: to encourage the use and production of local food; and, to foster a spirit of community by providing an opportunity to bring people together for social interaction and community building.

In 2020 COVID happened. A small, indoor market was not possible under the restrictions. Our committee was unwilling to give up the idea of the market. After much discussion, we decided on a new model. We would offer a FARM GATE market. For both 2020 and 2021 that model worked very well. Customers drove around Kempt Head Rd going from vendor to vendor. The Sunday drive was a delightful bonus. 

Now in 2022 we are free to be indoors or outdoors. Some vendors prefer to be indoors. So we have made agreements with two Fire Departments to be indoor venues. Many of the current food vendors prefer to stay at their properties. So this year we will have a combination of farm gate and community locations.

Our vendors are ready to greet you at their farm gates, at the Ross Ferry Marine Park, the Ross Ferry Fire Hall, and the Southside Boularderie Fire Hall. 

More than a Sunday drive, come and experience the Ross Ferry Farmers' Market community.

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